Ace of Empires Android

Ace of Empires Android

Ace of Empires by Flamingo Games . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Ace of Empires is a global MMOSLG game. Real-time combats, hero fights, alliance battle and so much more.
The game combines several elements such as role play, development, construction and strategy. You are free to choose a building location, personalize your city, join the alliance to carry out development and territorial expansion, beat the opponent’s city to win the honor.
Fight for the THRONE! Only one archon will be the real king in Ace of Empires!
You can: continue updating your buildings, train soldiers, recruit hero, research science, gather in the world, join an alliance and kill barbarians in the world.

Game Features:
√Experience real-time battles in Ace of Empires and lead your troops to victory.

√Build your empire that make yourself be the strongest ace. Free to choose a building location. Continue updating your buildings and defenses. Strong our city is the first step to world domination.

√Your are the ace in your own empire. Raise huge armies that can defend your empire and defeat your opponents. Recruit heroes and they will lead your troops into battle. Remember that each hero with their own attributes and features. Let us marching to the throne.

√Use diplomacy to create alliances in Ace of Empire and work together with your allies to occupy throne from battle. Your allies will be your best partners during the way to rebirth Empire. More help you have get from alliance, more chance to occupy the throne.

√The important part to become ace for your empire is conduct scientific and technological research to advance your military and development. Collect resources and train to increase your power.

√Upgrade Skills and Tactics to give your army the edge over your rivals.

√You’re not the only archon building an empire! Play PVP online against thousands of other players in real time strategy MMO game. Prevent a siege by building up your town. Send out your army to take over other cities. Collect their resources and conquer their empire.
Get the throne and become the King in Ace of Empire!
Our target is make Empire great again!

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